♫♪  DJWWWW + Nicole Brennan + OROKIN - Gargoyle

From inside the warm womb of Apothecary Compositions, TMT ultra friend Lil $ega (Wasabi Tapes, Hi-Hi-Whoopee) is gracing the fall harvest season with a bounty of songs from a trifecta of aliases. Through surrogates DJWWWW, Nicole Brennan, and OROKIN, we’re presented with Gargoyle, a futurist tapestry of pop culture clips and cutscenes that, while woven in a particular way by its author(s), can be torn apart into 27 unmeasured bits to be reknit together in a nonspecific pattern or left strewn where they fell – a notion C Monster likened recently to Beat Detectives, but also a well-engrained quality of sound collage. Apothecary Compositions grabs the corners and lifts this Gargoyle tapestry in order to spread it out (like this lady) and give us an opportunity to scan the effects and affects from multiple monikers of the shadow figure that is our forever-dude Lil $ega.

The first 13 tracks have been up on Apothecary Compositions for a minute, but we have the full stream of Gargoyle, mixed in full by Lil $ega, below.

The mix and an individual track-by-track .Zip is included with each Digital and limited edition CD – which, as of Thursday night, are almost gone. Find both over at Apothecary Compositions.

P.S. If Gargoyle only heightens your thirst, peep our Lil $ega’s guest mix from last year!

• Lil $ega: https://soundcloud.com/djwwww
• Apothecary Compositions: https://apothecarycompositions.bandcamp.com

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