♫♪  Dosh - “We Are The Worst”

Some of my favorite musicians are the ones who can create and maintain a style built off of diverse influences. What I find interesting about these folks is how every release seems to highlight a different element of their sonic makeup, thus creating a diverse discography while still maintaining a distinguishable voice throughout.

Martin Dosh is definitely one of these artists, and with “We Are The Worst,” he’s finally made the move towards focusing on the minimalist elements of his work. “We Are The Worst” very gradually unfurls from a gorgeous slice of looped electronic ambiance into an even lovelier fractured pop song of sorts, which features some of Dosh’s signature skittering percussion amid flutes and strings. Formally, the track finds Dosh presenting all of the piece’s harmonic/structural elements in the first half and then subtly shifting the focal point of each element in the song’s second half. In this way, the structural shifting of “We Are The Worst” is reflective of how new parts of Dosh’s influences come to the forefront with each release. If “We Are The Worst” is any indication, this new phase of his career might be his prettiest yet.

“We Are The Worst” is from Dosh’s forthcoming record, Milk Money, which will be released October 22 no Graveface Records.

• Martin Dosh http://dosh.bandcamp.com/
• Graveface Records http://www.graveface.com/

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