♫♪  Drowse - “Memory”

With subtly dark over-tones, that are equally light in composure and composition, Drowse’s newest offering to listeners is simply: “Memory.” Like a recollection chamber in an acoustic guitar, thundering, distant knocking rhythms a beat throughout the harmonized and layered vocals explaining the destiny of “Memory.” Backed by both aggressive and serene string-plucking, an echoing signal calls between the body and speaker, haloing a mirage before listeners of something feint in thought, but powerful in emotion. Drowse is the enchanter of keeping specifics at a minimum, but conveyance of emotion in peak form that drips back into “Memory” like something almost intentionally lost, found, and suppressed in sound.

“Memory” is off Drowse’s newest release on The Native Sound entitled Memory Bed, recorded via microphone, acoustic guitar, laptop in Zamora, Spain, while reflecting upon the similarly soft depths of Grouper, Mount Eerie, Velvet Cacoon, and Unwound. Also, don’t forget to scope the Drowse video for “Break” before pre-ordering the EP on cassette and digital, dropping August 5. In the mean time, feel Drowse’s “Memory” below:

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