♫♪  Duck Fight Goose - “A Nation of Disillusion”

a nation of disillusion(幻灭国度)
ISRC CN-A23-16-00548

New level. You’re dropped into a nation of heaving apes, near a large, dark factory. Not empty. Row after row of worker sits hunched over an accelerating assembly line, cutting, sawing, welding, fusing, being fused. Man making machine making man.

“The whole city of FOXCOMM was an assembly-line factory for human-machine interfaces in ancient times. Although well designed and planned, these low-level interfaces never solved a fundamental problem: how to efficiently output information from human nervous systems to machines.”

Shanghai’s Duck Fight Goose induce limbic overload (“overabundance of informational input and too few output mechanisms”) on CLVB ZVKVNFT, their second full-length. It’s a dark sci-fi concept album/Gibsonian video game set at the time of first contact and inside a plot crawling with zombie ants, nano-fog intoxicants, self-modifying wage slaves building redundant Siris and freer AIs who just wanna dance. Mid-album benchwarmer “A Nation of Disillusion” calibrates visiting cyborg intelligence with a series of simian grunts and clicks, disembodied consciousness and brainless primate meat skittering around one another, bit-crashing into some kind of mutual stream.

CLVB ZVKVNFT was released on August 12 by D Force Records. The video for “A Nation of Disillusion” was rendered to schizoid cyborg perfection by Neng Huo, a founding member of similarly future-facing Hangzhou new media performance group RMBit.

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