I would like the night to last longer. I would like that kind of grey darkness to plug itself into my chest. I would like to turn out all the lights of my mind and descend somewhere small to crowd myself with indiscernibly moving bodies and have my own limbs alight with some piercing and poetic directive bawled forth from EEL TANK.

“MAMIYA,” from their upcoming release, CURE, on Embalming Lately, reminds me a bit of the label’s recent Big Ded release — a kind of pop derivative, glittering with danceability yet comfortably dank, distinct and humble, playful in the sense of noodling improvisation, like when things happen and they work and it fits and you roll with it. “MAMIYA” embraces that kind of delightful and welcome surprise. Its spirited; it shows its spirit.

CURE will be out August 1. Click through the player to preorder the tape.

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