According to the bio on Ekha, “Each song [from their debut album BCWTIOT] has been named for a friend that influenced the record physically, emotionally or spiritually.” Judging from the words and sounds of their first single, as well as the visuals presented by its accompanying video, one might guess that their buddy Ahsanullah is quite the character.

He/she is a ball of energy, loves to dance, looks ahead with great anticipation, always keeps it moving, and might actually be able to fly given the right combination of club drugs and weather conditions. On the other hand, he/she can be very introspective, deals in abstractions, pays close attention to detail, breaks things down to build them up again, and is capable of destroying anything in his/her path, especially gnomes, hourglasses, piñatas, and TV sets. He/she gets the party started, but is often first to leave. Or maybe he’s just the ghost of this guy.

We don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that Ekha is OneLoudBellow founder and jazz/soul singer Thimali Kodikara; Daylight Curfew founder and former Def Jux marketing director DJ Jad1 (a.k.a. Cassettes Won’t Listen a.k.a. DFalt); and multi-disciplinary designer/producer Devang Shah. And if after absorbing the audio-aesthetics below you’ve got the hankering for some more songs inspired by their friends, you can stream the rest of BCWTIOT on SoundCloud and/or cop it here.

• Daylight Cufew: http://www.daylightcurfew.com

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