♫♪  Electric Djinn - “Deer Xing”

Ever wonder about what your elementary school art teacher got into after the day’s lessons were done? Most probably went home to “ordinary” lives — dinner, television, some painting or sex perhaps — the difficult yet rewarding balance of passion and rest that defines the routines of most would-be artists who find themselves paid to do something not quite but sort of like art. However, assuredly, there were others for whom such daily doldrums never sufficed. Perhaps the real reason you weren’t allowed to take home your paper mache animal mask was that teacher needed it for the nightly ritual. Stranger creatures have walked among us, from Kesagake the Man Eater to Ming the Clam, so who are you to assume that Mr(s). Soandso went home to TV dinners and talk shows? But I digress.

Premiering below, the “Deer Xing” video was a year in the making and brought together an all female cast and crew, at the center of which was Electric Djinn a.k.a. Neptune Sweet, vocalist for Solilians and psychedelic enchantress for all mortal beings. I don’t really know what to make of it, except for better or worse it put the prior paragraph into my brain and on this page. Look both ways before you:

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