♫♪  elle le fantôme - “Sore”


time — 2013
place — nashville
the reverend meets with elle in the abandoned schoolyard. he is wearing a red silk gown, even though it is almost a hundred out, and she is wearing black. overhead, the words “i wouldn’t know” have been spraypainted high up on the red brick with a fire extinguisher.

r: it’s tyler still, right?
e: i go by elle, now.
r: you look different.
e: the world has been so big to me, for such a long time, and i’m starting to feel like i’m making it a little smaller. the cry of a child in the other room is so small compared to the scar left in a galaxy by a dying star.
r: i was talking about your dress.
e: this? i got it at a thrift shop.
r: i heard you’ve been playing music these days.
e: here and there. i try to document the decline of this generation into apathy.
r: that’s nice. well i brought what you asked for. you better be careful with this. i powdered the horn myself, so you know its pure. but where it’ll take you afterwards… that’s impossible to guess. just remember every step of the ritual, and don’t let your friends snort any of this. it’s powerful magic. what does this have to do with your music, anyway?

* * * *

elle le fantôme (a.k.a. Tyler Elizabeth). After her conception at Berklee in 2008, she moved from Texas to Tennessee — cruising in and out of indie groups and studying audio engineering — before moving to Brooklyn in late 2013. Throughout various bedrooms in Nashville and Brooklyn from 2013 and 2015, elle le fantôme paint it blacker is elle’s first full-length release, and will be released by Outside The Circle Records September 8. Listen to her single “Sore” streaming below:

• elle le fantôme: http://elle-le-fantome.tumblr.com
• Outside The Circle Records: http://www.outsidethecirclerecords.com

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