♫♪  Ensemble Economique - “On the Sand” (feat. Peter Broderick)

Huge day for me y’all. Tryna pump up in every way I can. And on a Wednesday, pump-up can pose difficult, considering mid-week blues — especially in this location’s fourth day of overcast — so blend ‘em! Dropping in at #1 on all the charts this universe has created (including medical exams, flight itineraries, Kanye’s diet, and rock-garden mineral bath rankings), Ensemble Economique drops a new video for “On the Sand” featuring Peter Broderick. The song itself satiates such a burning when all other standards have been crushed by Wednesday’s weight; “On the Sand” presents a patient beat, gently ripping guitar, and grit vocals that all blend into a wick that grows in flame. Backed by a torn black and white video that depicts Ensemble Economique performing “On the Sand” with Peter Broderick that’s cut between images of a woman standing in the wind, looking upon what has yet to be accomplished. That visual vigor and undetermined destination is exactly what I’m looking for today. Thanks to Ensemble Economique and Peter Broderick, I’m drawing my line in “On the Sand,” and will crossover once my efforts have been exceeded.

Ensemble Economique’s newest album Blossoms in Red is out on Denovali Records in a plethora of formats, so grip yours today, and scope the video below while the shipping-time wait endures:

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