♫♪  Ensemble Economique - “Your Lips Against Mine” (feat. Sophia Hamadi)

I’m down with my boy Brian Pyle (a.k.a. Ensemble Economique). Way down with his sounds, especially “Your Lips Against Mine” featuring vocals from Sophia Hamadi. Just the sonic measurement between twinkling guitar work, two-ish-step back drums, the softest bass beat, and floating vocals are perfectly in tune with a harmony only found within the beyond. Goodness, even this pillow talking juxtaposed with seared electronic (randomized) pulses and ethereal drag in his Naked Island stuff with Felicia Atkinson; my mind is currently expanding. So, in a listener-to-musician respect, Ensemble Economique rips shit up in the mellowest way possible.

However, in the newest video for “Your Lips Against Mine” (feat. Sophia Hamadi), I’m totally in a state of wonder, which similarly matches the music’s mystique, but am also slightly confused. Made by director Geoffrey Sexton, staring actress Mary Smudde, the video for “Your Lips Against Mine” (feat. Sophia Hamadi) is lush with colorless-live shot footage and confetti visuals placed atop it transparently. But, help me out. Where is she going? My best guess (also matches the sense of “darkness” Ensemble Economique’s music possesses) is that the woman was told to go into this well lit tunnel, sniff for the smoke, and follow it’s trail out into the darkness. But for what? Maybe grip a zip? Participate in a ritual sacrifice? Put out a fire, even?

Ensemble Economique’s Melt Into Nothing is out today on LP via Denovali Records, and beholds all the answers to your questions!

• Ensemble Economique: http://ensembleeconomique.tumblr.com
• Denovali Records: http://www.denovali.com

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