♫♪  Event Cloak - “False Positive”

Music can be quit misleading. One could hear the new Event Cloak and believe it’s “futuristic,” when really it’s haunted as fuck. And that’s a “False Positive.” I’m not playing when I reveal this, but you’re listening to ghosts. Beyond that, Orange Milk Records owners Keith Ranking and Seth Graham both traveled from Ohio to Montreal earlier this year to help Event Cloak record the sounds hear before you. Seth ended up becoming possessed by some unearthly entity and Event Cloak and Seth lost Keith in some dimensional rift. Having left the recorder on the entire time, most of what you hear and think are actually fabricated sounds in “False Positive” are actual ghost noises in this world, but from the beyond. While realmed in a different area of time and space, Keith defeated Seth’s enchanter, releasing him from the puppeteering spell, but Event Cloak never came back the same.

In honor of Event Cloak’s mind-expanding experience, Orange Milk felt a bit guilty and decided to let him have an LP entitled Life Strategies release on their label. To their surprise, an orchestra of composure in ancient and beyond languages arose from the Orange Milk HQ speakers, so they pressed it, and now it’s available for purchase on LP, so you can hear each deep-cut of horror.

• Event Cloak: http://eventcloak.tumblr.com
• Orange Milk Records: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com

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