♫♪  EvillDewer - “Sacrificial Grounds”

Tiny Mix Tapes beat-scholar Cirrus Slump recently spent a few hours kicking it with the Boston-based, self-proclaimed Crown Chakra Rocka, EvillDewer. “Did you dew any evill?” I teased. He didn’t elaborate, but it would seem they did, because just weeks later, we have the jump on this abomination of a music video (made by Najedi).

There’s a hellhound on a bridge and Cthulu in the woods and static on the television, all animated just (un)realistically enough to make them appear as fragmented memories of a now atavistic childhood, like PS2 cut scenes or PS3 gameplay. Meanwhile, EvillDewer manipulates soundwaves like an audio output tube constructed of human flesh.

“Sacrificial Grounds” premieres below. For maximum effect, view on your TV set and wear out the limited vinyl or cassette release of Calilginous Sky, available via Loretta Records, “the future of fly shit.”

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