♫♪  Fad - “Polonium84b”

Jot down a purchasing spree for Friday, May 13 because Orange Milk Records are dropping FIVE bombs:

death’s dynamic shroud.wmv - CLASSROOM SEXXTAPE
Julien - Face of God
Euglossine - Canopy Stories
M Sage - Rife w/ Typo
Fad - vVv

A starting five that could win the West! To aid cars to our mega-orange, mega-hype train we’re premiering a song and video from vVv, “Polonium84b.” Fab is the painfully difficult to search project out of Melbourne found resting in small Australian venues and the label Fallopian Tunes. Their sound is rustled and feels organic, like rummaging through a silverware drawer filled with backwoods clippings. The video for “Polonium84b” keeps with the tangible theme of scrolling textures and micro images that Fad consciously stumbles through in their music. Comparatively, the recent video for Vancouver resident RAMZi’s “00” from For Haku, out now on RVNG Ltd., flows into itself on the same chemically reactive slide, where “Polonium84b” is moving the 25x zoom handheld microscope over anything and everything out of pure curiosity.

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