Farewell Phoenix
“Dark Laughter” & “Silent Muse”

“Dark Laughter”

Who’s watching us watch this video? Turn around and the visage of Farewell Phoenix is fading from a wall and “Dark Laughter” clouds the mind like a storm of thunderbolts. Like, what that is? Do she live like this? Is this place even hers? Did Farewell Phoenix straight up try to live in disarray for a few days/weeks just for the filming of this video? Legit: I’m going to start a couch garden. Ideas are within “Dark Laughter” and the seed plants and grows throughout. Be the you of the you for your you cause it’s all you, cuz:

“Silent Muse”

Next up is “Silent Muse” taking that camera-behind-the-camera-behind-the-camera-behind-the-camera feel to the woods, then back in a digital melt zone, forward-slash FRUIT, and ending on some heavy [sub]urban decay. But it’s the paradox of vocals that makes Farewell Phoenix’s track so unique in comparison to the title. Again, we are to assume the third wall has been smashed into another computer screen showing a gif of that same computer screen being smashed in. And that trailing reverb on the mic just entrances listeners as if a spell were put on them. Keep:

Chantal has been making some good moves so far in 2017. It’s actually one of the only wonderfully new outlooks I’ve had on the year thus far. Leading the way — post mix — is this visual album by the wonderful Farewell Phoenix. So scope the videos up-top, repeat the tracks people, and head on over to the Chantal homepage and look for a physical edition in the fall.

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