Yo, people been mad buggy, b. Expect someone to exact your game, but still they still beefin’ like the deli slicing theys meat too thick. “They just calling me,” leads into a game of who stupid, going to sleep alone, and waking up next to two new people. A freedom beyond inside all of us that will never fully be shared. Updates on updates, and just shut down your computer at least once a week. The ability to keep up in an expansive environment cultured for all of use to be at throws with each other. Familiar feels that divide us even more. Excessiveness to the point your shit don’t match the drapes because there’s not enough coming out as you put in. Vices.

New single “DREAMT HEX CODE” by FIRE TOOLZ, including complementary video, behold a world of pure mayhem in organized disillusion. Field ambience paired in the greatest of green. Relentless dream-state progressions that enhance the tingling effects of ASMR. Wait, are those vocals about Links of data code ripping apart a saxaphone just build for repair in the AOL afterlife of digital sludge that smears like a visual after swimming for eight hours. Infinity like a pit of acid that never completely disolves you, but keeps you alive just long enough to die (legitimately) of “old age.” Tropes that transgress all poles. A binary so exceeding, only the strong survive; pronouns in strength and vitality and dropplets of hearts that look like erasers one puts upon the head of pencils.

Bedlam Tapes has never been wrong. Squeeze every last drip of creativity from FIRE TOOLZ’s newest INTERBEING for that mighty energy high, and snoop the visual companion for “DREAMT HEX CODE” below:

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