♫♪  Foundling - “Plasma” feat. DVDJ NNS

“Premieres” on Tiny Mix Tapes could literally be changed to “We Planned On This Post Happening.” Publicists or labels or musicians will solicit editors and writers content, we share it amongst ourselves occasionally, and someone picks it up in regard to interest or taste in the music. Typically, upon receiving these e-mail solicitations, they come with layers and layers of literature and background and information, and I can’t even read, so that’s a waste of time, thus, I never really read these e-mails, and just click on links to see if me likes. Clicked on “Plasma” link somewhere in an e-mail while trudging through that muck. Low-and-behold, “Plasma” is a fucking lyric video of close-up gore and [etc.], gutted vocals, low-end pendulum cuts, glimmers off the butcher’s knife glint, and crushing bones barefoot. Reverberation at a flangelated range not even the pulsar of echoes could chamber this evil. But by who? And what for?

The video for “Plasm” is listed as private on YouTube, which totally means I’ve the opportunity to “Premiere” the track, although I’ve no clue who sent it my way. Then, after waiting about a week, I see the information for the YouTube video was updated. So I learn how to read, find out the track is by Foundling, it’s in collaboration with DVDJ NNS, and is a single off the new videogamemusic release of Hope Is Red/Jordan. Fuck it up:

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