♫♪  Galaxian - “Ouroboros”

Neo Berlin, the year 20XX. In the aftermath of “The Event,” civilization as we know it has collapsed. What little remains of humanity has formed itself into rival gangs, waging a brutal war for control of the streets.

Out of this chaos, one man emerges with the power to end the strife: Galaxian. An outlaw operative rumored to have escaped the penal colony built above the radioactive ruins of what was once Glasgow, he roams Berlin by hoverbike, striking out at corruption wherever he might find it.

As word spreads through the underground of his next major offensive in the electrowars — code named project Blowback — Galaxian has left a hint of what’s to come: a devastating computer virus known only as “Ouroboros,” which has managed to infect the energy grid controlled by the notorious Snake Gang. We here at Freedom Radio Tiny Mix Tapes, in an act of solidarity, are granting the public first access to the “Ouroboros” virus.

While those in power have tried to keep these activities under wrap, graffiti around the city suggests that the Blowback attack will arrive April 28, with help from the mysterious android liberation army Foul-Up. Until then, keep you eyes on the night sky, stay de-programmed, and prepare for the day of liberation.

(Galaxian’s latest EP, Blowback, will be available April 28 on Foul-Up)

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