Gang Wizard
“Ugly American”

“Aye, man. What that is you wearin’? That ain’t beach wear,” says a street vendor pointing up and down at an “Ugly American.” The “Ugly American” barks back. Vendor stands and stares as the “Ugly American” walks slowly into the raging ocean. Waves pummel the “Ugly American” into the shore. Sand is everywhere.

Gang Wizard has been puking out the jams for about 19 years now. They’ve a slew of releases put out by only the best labels, including Load and Ecstatic Peace, while having constantly evolved musically and physically throughout the years. Now, they’re proud to present their magic to Earth by way of Important Picnic, their fifth “proper” full-length LP. And it’s such an Important Picnic, they’ve gone to MIE MUSIC and demanded (maybe) their music be ingested at any time, any day, on any blanket, using any basket.

“HELL YES!” these tracks chew on ears. Take “Ugly American” for example. I’ve had it on repeat since 9 AM, it’s 11:31 AM now, and I’ve been having a hectic morning. So, “Ugly American” has been quite the soundtrack to frantic edits and e-mails I’ve been receiving at my day job. People are fucking crazy. Gang Wizard is probably crazier, but much more in the musical maniac sense, rather than general insanity of typical people. I digress.

None-the-less, Important Picnic by Gang Wizard crawls out the MIE MUSIC womb March 3 (my pop’s birthday) on LP and/or digital, and you can pre-order here. Throw a party. In the mean time, listen to “Ugly American” below:

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