♫♪  Gel Set - “The Abyss”

Let me use language here that isn’t applicable to anything insinuating “The Abyss” or manicuring Gel Set. The core that I enjoy in a lot of female-lead pop music this year (Beat Detectives, Smurphy, Eartheater, Lolina, Chikiss, etc.), flickering in the wee-corners, is the hale-yet-faded vocal delivery. And as subversive as Gel Set can be in lyrics for “The Abyss,” it’s just the visible and audible culture of the current generation to be utterly and happily incomplete. Satiation within a plethora of mistakes is is the progression of swag. Like, Gel Set’s “The Abyss” is pretty much 2015’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.” So what if my makeup is smeared by the tears, it was also raining on the way here, and I’m a man, which means I’m killing this party, either by getting all the yuppies to leave, or am just completely trashed out that it’s turning the night into a slow-faded mosh-pit of lipstick and saliva and bathwater, champagne, celibacy, fake eyelashes on cheeks and beaks, and [always, and almost completely] etc. Really, Gel Set’s music video for “The Abyss” is my anxiety attack just before I leave the house anywhere. “Ether Or” and Star Trek Generations.

Gel Set (one half of God Vol. 1) recently dropped an LP entitled Human Salad on Moniker Records and you can grip the spin on that vinyl RIGHT HERE. Back-end TMT gChatters been blowing me up about this record, so be sure there’s enough left before this piece of stress-melt music propels pop into the next realm of music destiny. And this Gel Set video of “The Abyss,” —directed by Julia Dratel— below is like:

• Gel Set: http://gelset.bandcamp.com
• Moniker Records: http://www.moniker-records.com

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