♫♪  Glassine - “Human Shield”

Danny Greenwald hung out a lot at Guitar Center last year, recording people jamming out to whatever they are allowed to use – a bizarre enviornment that had Ze Pequeno asking “What is cacophony?” But the harsh nothingness that greets you at the Guitar Center doors never pushed Danny away. Instead he cut, edited, and glued his recordings together into No Stairway for release under his Glassine moniker.

The second track off Danny’s voyeuristic post-vapor No Stairway is the slow-breathing “Human Shield” – its movement, uncoiling and euphoric, is gradual like the bridge between a clustered dream sequence and lucidity. The video, shot in Tajikistan and Peru by Aaron Kutnick and compiled with video art made by Kevin Gray, was put together by Danny himself.

No Stairway is available on cassette from superstar label Patient Sounds and streaming on Glassine’s Bandcamp.

• Glassine: https://soundcloud.com/glassine
• Patient Sounds: http://www.patient-sounds.com

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