♫♪  Glassio - “If I Was Your Boy” (+ remix by Maxo)

Brooklyn synth-pop duo Glassio and Brooklyn Chordslayer Maxo got all cute and made something for us. No official word on how they became such QTs, but the end result is a new Glassio track called “If I Was Your Boy” — their second single following last year’s “Try Much Harder” — and a “sleepmix” remix by Maxo. Here’s what Glassio had to say about the single: “Everybody has the little cartoon devil and cartoon angel on his or her shoulders. We wrote our verses specifically for the angel, and the choruses for the devil. At the end of the song, they walk hand in hand into the sunset.”

Maxo’s remix is decidedly less wound-up than the original, bringing together his crafty wooze and the song’s original “new love = better life” in a brighter, uncrowded cut. Chalk it up to his ever-expanding remix catalog — a real who’s who of cloud emojis.

Listen to “If I Was Your Boy” and Maxo’s remix below, and look for Glassio’s debut EP on February 17.

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