♫♪  The Gotobeds - Definitely Not A Redd Kross EP

Alright, we’re gonna keep this one simple:

1. Red Kross fuckin’ rule.

2. The Gotobeds fuckin’ rule.

3. Accordingly, The Gotobeds have decided to follow-up their last full-length on Sub Pop by covering the entirety of Red Kross’s debut EP, 1980’s Red Cross. The Gotobeds’ version is called, brilliantly, Definitely Not A Redd Kross EP, and it’s being released as a limited 7-inch.

4. And wow, it’s really damn good.

5. Chunklet Industries is putting out the 7-inch in an edition of 200, so go snag it over here.

6. You can also stream it down below, because we’re premiering the whole release today (hell yes).

7. Rock & roll.

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