♫♪  Hair Police - “We Prepare”

“We prepare for the oncoming shift… we are ready to lose… the final grip”

The unceremonious introduction of a monster, a door slides away and the beatings begin savagely with as little fanfare as they always have, always will. The rattling of metal tools used for parting flesh from bone. The slow grating sound of rusted steel on steel. Flickering overhead hanging lamps swaying in the dark. The smell of blood and vomit-inducing rot. The promise of death delivered upon. Five years after the last “incident.” Because that’s how the truly dangerous operate. They need no impetus to suddenly re-emerge.

Hair Police’s Mercurial Rites is out now on Type. Surprise.

• Hair Police: http://www.gnarlytimes.com
• Type: http://www.typerecords.com

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