♫♪  Head Boggle - “‘67 Dressing Room”

Head Boggle, Headboggle, Hillboggle… who is this guy and how exactly do I type his name properly into a post on Tiny Mix Tapes? Answer: D-e-r-e-k G-e-d-a-l-e-c-i-a is how you properly type at least the name of the person who’s behind this synapse-zapping music. He’s a Bay Area noisenik who’s been known to incorporate a plethora of different instruments into his work while collaborating with a number of different musicians over the last several years, leaving yard upon yard of spent tape in his wake.

The music he’s made has hovered somewhat unstably within a bubble of the more typical, run-of-the-mill bedroom synths and string-based instruments for the most part. But here for his first release on Experimedia, Serge Modular in Hi-Fi (which follows a full-length LP on Spectrum Spools and flurry of cassette releases), Gedalecia employed what’s known as a Serge Modular synthesizer, or in layman’s terms, one of those big boxes with all the cables and jacks on it — the type of thing that looks a lot more impressive than you might think it probably sounds, that is, until you actually hear it being played by someone who knows what they’re doing. And so, the question becomes: Does Gedalecia know what he’s doing with this Serge Modular for “‘67 Dressing Room?” The answer to that I can say with a certain degree of honesty that…. well, I just have absolutely no idea.

Whether or not Gedalecia knows what he’s doing with a gigantic modular synthesizer at his disposal doesn’t keep this video sample and music from being any less mesmeric, unsettling, and awesome than it actually is, which is precisely why I keep clicking play on the following clip. Rumbling static, raygun blasts and radar blips with a healthy dose of fuzz to fill out the spaces while colored faces peek through sheets of video noise with sunken eyes and menacing smiles. It’s creepy as fuck and totally weird, and we’re here now, so… you know, why the hell not? Ga’head, hit play:

• Head Boggle: http://headboggle.tumblr.com
• Experimedia: http://experimedia.net

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