♫♪  Hey Mother Death - “Snake Power” (remix by Jay Crocker)

Dag that dissonant and stark vocal sound gets the skin tingling in the night’s sky. Whether it’s questionably serene like Hey Mother Death or as energetic as Jay Crocker’s (a.k.a. Joyful Talk) remix abilities, there’s a charming quality to patient and closely scaled — nearly monotone notes — in a singer. From this stems a more ASMR attribute of breathy tones, characterizing the vocalist as human; hearing Laurence Strelka’s intentional struggle to push out soft singing breaks the intrinsic boundary of mortality of musicians. Thankfully, they got Jay Crocker on the scene to immortalize them in dance-remix gold. Both the skill-sets going into the “Snake Power” remix are impressive in terms of all-around production, musical ability, and originality. Well, Jay Crocker uses some staple remix moves, but it wouldn’t be a proper remix without them, though most of what he’s doing is pretty psychedelic in terms of just dropping noises in and out, etc. All incredible noises made from the original “Snake Power” track too: wood clanging, pensive ambiance melting into a steady aligned pace, that single string pluck akin to staring at the Highway before you for the ninth hour, straight. Realmed. Zoned. Aura’d. Entombed. Release.

Hey Mother Death got their album Highway picked up by Paper Bag Records and it’s popping FRESH this July 7. But you can totally PRE-ORDER PRE-ORDER PRE-ORDER all 12 inches NOW. “Snake Power” is the last track, and such an important closure to the full package, so sneaking out a remix by Jay Crocker is HOT, considering the context. Scope it out below and head on over to Paper Bag Records for that pre-order:

• Hey Mother Death: http://heymotherdeath.com
• Paper Bag Records: http://paperbagrecords.com

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