♫♪  High Bloom - implied sun

Ethereal and intimate, joyously effervescent and familiarly temporal; High Bloom’s Implied Sun creates an effortless balance of unbridled joy and long-carried heartache. Electric rhythms weave harmonies with seraphic vocals; an amalgamation of wistfulness with acceptance, longing with contentedness, formlessness with euphoria; the strange feeling of happiness and heaviness setting in together in a place too familiar to not feel like home. Dusk settles over the same gardens that have felt like the only stable setting you have known. Unchanged, they glow gold as the daylight fades, sunken ponds, grassy hills, thick tangles of blush and apricot rosebushes, outstretched branches of century old ficus trees, all alight, all radiant as the sun slips.

Velvet blue shadows stretch out over the water, color the white swan feathers grey, hide the circles under your eyes. Memories flash backwards, stack countless identical still-frames on top of each other until you are five again. Play them forward, every image is your one constant; the only change is you; mallards in pairs are still nesting on the shore where you left them every season, little fountains still hidden, still your secret. Moss grows ample and brave under old groves, keeps tree roots company, delicate but still existing. Lights shiver shy but unwavering through dark like fireflies.

Meant to be shared.
Happy you are here.

Implied Sun is available on cassette and for digital download here.

Be sure to listen for yourself:

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