♫♪  Hundredmillionthousand - “1”

Fans of Hundredmillionthousand, the alias for Persian-Filipino artist Noel Jon, will be excited to learn that new tunes are on the way, slated for release sometime in 2020. But if you, the impatient HMT fan, just can’t wait, we’ll tide you over with a brand new track, simply titled “1,” appearing on the forthcoming album, also simply titled lp2.

Hundredmillionthousand burst onto the scene with a mature first album, lp1, earning accolades from music publications for his deft incorporation of Persian folk samples and ability to incorporate a range of musical influences. lp2 will revolve around technology and dating, no doubt a topical subject of much frustration for the typical bachelor or bachelorette. The screeching strings of “1” place a sonic stamp on getting ghosted, while a chorus of voices and solitary, reverberated piano line point to the void of loneliness that accompanies another date gone sour, and finally a flurry of bombastic drums that capture the exasperation of meeting someone who just doesn’t look like their profile pic. Check out the track below, and here’s hoping that Jon (and each of our single readers) has better luck the next time they swipe right.

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