“Eightfold Way (Doublefist Remix)”

As a continuation of sorts, workout music don’t always have to be entirely time-signatured and/or beat consistent. Case in point: Hyrrokkin brings incredible raw energy to the weights portion of the gym. And you ain’t gotta be pumping hard eight; get over there and do about 40 with the tiniest weight listening to the Doublefist remix of “Eightfold Way,” and you’ll get your mind and body jacked!

“Hyrrokkin?” you may axe. Welp, they’re currently a trio from Yellow Springs (Dayton), Ohio (which is about three and ten minutes away from where I used to live), and they just crushed a new album on Sick Room Records called Pristine Origin, out this September. “Eightfold Way” is the first track off the album, but this here premiere has been remixed and produced by James Plotkin (Doublefist, Khanate, etc.), which is included on their bonus remix album Inspiring Riot that comes packaged with the LP. Other remixers include KK Null (Zeni Geva), Jenks Miller (Horseback), Kid Millions (Oneida), Charles Hayward (This Heat), Jerry Busher (Fugazi/French Toast), Dylan Posa (Flying Luttenbachers), and a slew more.

This release follows Hyrrokkin’s cassette debut, Astrionics. In July, they’ll be recording a new track for a split 7-inch with Bellini and then record two collaborative tracks with Merzbow for a 12-inch. Hyrrokkin will also release a set of three 7-inch singles, with remixes on the B-sides by Doug Scharin, Kid606, and Andrea Parkins. And to wrap up these hard working fellahs’ schedule, they got a bang-out tour this coming Fall, so don’t miss the city postings!

Scope out Sick Room Records for Hyrrokkin’s LP Pristine Origin, including the remix album Inspiring Riot, out this September.

• Hyrrokkin: http://hyrrokkin.bandcamp.com
• Sick Room Records: http://www.sickroomrecords.com

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