♫♪  Indian Jewelry - “Nightsweat”

Indian Jewelry is exactly the sorta band I should’ve been stealing on cassette tape at Rite Aid while my moms was getting medz. Instead, Dookie, Astro Creep 2000, and One Hot Minute had to do for my five-finger discount. But what I’m getting at is Doing Easy —the newest joint from Indian Jewelery— is some solid alternative rock. Beyond that, they still slither into a niche, conceptual category of just making rare sounding tunes, combining enough to demo a fucked up tour crowd, remaining devious and underground in just an unpopular way. But mostly it just gives listeners a sneering “Ima bad mother fucker,” feel, and turn it up. I also love it when people are happy. Especially the weirdos. That’s when the magic happens. Indian Jewelry’s magic: “Nightsweat.”

Did anyone get woke up around 3AM because of lightening? Do you fear walking out into your living room and there are four or five masked people just sitting there? No way out. You see these people after tripping over your dog, dead and looking you in the eyes. “Nightsweat.” Or waking up to three or four people just looking at you from the closet next to the bedroom door, and it’s impossible to leave out of their reach. And they’re just looking. Sexless. Not intentionally frightening. Emotionless in every sense of the word. And you don’t wake up. You just toss and turn in an increasingly growing wet spot (and by morning, a puddle) of “Nightsweat.” It’s both parts vivid imagination and snakebite.

Find Indian Jewelry’s newest album Doing Easy on CD and digital September 1 via Studded Left, and via vinyl this November on Reverberation Appreciation Society. Scope their single “Nightsweat” below:

• Indian Jewelry: http://swarmofangels.com
• Reverberation Appreciation Society: http://www.discogs.com/label/237385-The-Reverberation-Appreciation-Society

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