♫♪  Ingebrigt Håker Flaten’s Time Machine - Hong Kong Cab

You moved to a rancher down the street and now things aren’t going so well. I heard they used to do some private things in there, where friction meets the baker and that little devil doll goes chopping the teenage employees up to bits. Well, not all of them are bad, but it will take the good ones all of their screeching strength to survive the night.

There is big money in it; big money for torching and shaking at the music television camera, laughing and naive, gleefully shouting, “I don’t give a fuck. All I need is this one object.” Camera moves slowly down the long hall of the rancher and stops dead at the door to the dollhouse. Then descending dark orange remains stationery and covering through the night. To reiterate, it’s going to be a long night, down a long hall, to a creeping full stop in dark orange

and only beginning. Wait for the dawn before taking another sip. A sip of wine and you’ll blur; a sip of water and you might need to use the restroom. You don’t have one moment to spare. The cackle of the doll at the other end of the hall is louder in the dark. Closer too.

There are few resources at your disposal, seeing as you torched most of them. The cameras are gone. It’s just you and the doll. Best to rely on your ingenuity, as you go further into the night, or day, or night again…back down the hall? It’s not the way you remembered it. No sense of routine. Strange thoughts move the fingers. What was not so strange, now is. The fingers generate patterns in an otherwise endless lack of cycles. Remember when I said wait for the dawn? Hate to break it to you but dawn ain’t coming.

Hong Kong Cab by Ingebrigt Håker Flaten’s Time Machine will be released by Self Sabotage Records on September 14, the opening day of the 3rd annual Sonic Transmissions Festival, which is founded by Flaten.

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