“Stay Free”

As most comedy movies play out, characters being funny never actually talk about where they learned or picked up their wit or humor. While walking around the office in which I work, I never hear people being funny. It’s all just refurbished jokes from movies/television that they told the day before, or people repeat sports announcers verbatim, which at first makes it sound like they’re misusing words, but then realize the English language is dead.

Since JAWS’ debute album in 2011, the man’s been slaying the public by way of audio and performance, drawing from wires and vocal chords to sculpt his sound of life, within all the infinite secrets. In “Stay Free,” JAWS nearly demands for independence of others so he himself can continue on his pathway of no-nonsense art. An art he continues also through his collaboration with Milan’s Dracula Lewis as the Sex Boyz and the Hippos In Tanks duo-act White Car. Here’s what JAWS unabashedly bits about:

A first person account of a life lived upon high, ‘Stay Free’ reimagines everyday power struggles from the vantage of an ambivalent observer, liberated from humanistic concerns and trapped within a narcissistic house of mirrors. The tension transfer inherent in the modern master-servant dynamic rubs shoulders with spectral optimism and the steely self-reliance of the singular Individual. Fueled by motor oil, confidence and delusion, ‘Stay Free’ looks at America and asks: how, why, and where’s mine?

JAWS’ upcoming LP Keys to the Universe will be out mid next month on Hundebiss Records. Listen to the single “Stay Free” streaming below:

• Hundebiss Records: http://hundebissrecords.bigcartel.com

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