♫♪  Jay Glass Dubs - “Neckless Dub”

Jay Glass Dubs, the alias of Greek producer Dimitris Papadatos, has clear intentions for his project. With little beef in his cavernous beats, he creates looping passages “on a counter-factual historical approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum/bass/vox/effects form.” Since his self-titled debut on Hylé Tapes, Papadatos has been prolific and focused, releasing two more tapes in a dub trilogy and two subterranean dubs on Bokeh Versions. All his songs follow the same naming fashion as “Neckless Dub,” although his approach to stripped down dripped sounds varies immensely. For New Teeth For An Old Country, his third offering for London’s Bokeh Versions, his dubs amble like mechanical giraffes through a fog of tape hiss. Compared to the scattered, floating “Double Sun Dub” from II on THRHNDRDSVNTNN tapes, or the echo chamber experimental “Loose Dub” on III for Seagrave, “Neckless Dub” is a softer, more expressive dub. He still keenly strips samples of their depth and presence, leaving them to languish over rough drums, but this time with slow heft. Jay drowns you in 45 minutes of molten rubber dubs, gritty woofing out the speakers like beat-up hubcap dubplates.

A limited-edition cassette of New Teeth For An Old Country is now available for pre-orders on the Bokeh Versions site.

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