♫♪  Jerry Paper - “Zoom Out”

In spite of lyrics draped in mundane ennui, love-loss, and other sad shit, underneath it all, Jerry Paper is a goof. Whether he’s waiting for his cold blooded enchantress to arive home, doning that beach kimono, or just shedding some light on who he is, J Papes does it all with his “characteristic wit and sentimentality”.

And apparently nothing has changed. Following last year’s LP on Bayonet Records, Carousel, Jerry and his host body, Lucas Nathan, are back at it once again for the Brooklyn based record label, this time with Toon Time Raw!.

We here at TMT are lucky enough to be premiering a brand new video off the soon-to-be-released album, out June 17. And it’s another goof of vid for the Paperboy. Watch “Zoom Out” below, and be sure to pre-order Toon Time Raw! here.


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