♫♪  Jon Ulrich - February’s Curse

Those of us who live in colder winter climates know the reality of “February’s curse”: four weeks of hell-level freezing wind, seasonal affective disorder, and beefing up the energy bill by leaving the space heater on all day. It’s terrible, and a relief when it ends. But now, just when we thought summer was around the corner, mysterious (diabolical?) Portland producer/temperature warlock Jon Ulrich is extending the curse with a new, frigid tape intent on returning us to the dark days.

Coming to us from the PacNW’s always excellent MOTOR Collective, February’s Curse is made up of two long tracks of minimal, cerebral, awesomely ice cold dance music — and we here at Tiny Mix Tapes are happy to provide you with the opportunity to stream the record in its entirety ahead of its release. Bundle up and let its frostiness into your heart.

February’s Curse will be available May 16 from MOTOR.

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