♫♪  Justin Kelly - “HARDWARE”

If y’all ain’t sick of that beat-warp twitching ahnnu and DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE been mixing, Justin Kelly, owner of the WTR CLR label, provides that times another reel or two, really. Even though everyone is gearing up for the fall season, with restocks and new batches becoming available, WTR CLR never misses the beat. They only try to enhance it. Not only has Justin just recently put out the new ahnnu, LiL ≏ JaBBA, and Gem Vision tapes, but I assume he’s personally got something in store for his store for you. You know the game: if you want something before it sells out, troll the WTR CLR homepage once or twice a week and make sure you ain’t missing out on Justin Kelly’s work and work and work. Enjoy!

• WTR CLR: http://wtrclr.com

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