♫♪  Karmelloz - Source Localization

One thing that overwhelms me the most about New York City and walking around and finding locations (late, typically) is all the people. Not in an agoraphobic way, but more like an attack on my creativity. I’m just constantly challenged with thoughts of what people do who I pass; where they’re coming from or going, their family life and roots background, what kinda skeezy The Wire shit people deal in on the daily, etc. This here tape Source Localization by Karmelloz is not only super pinnacle to the kid’s career in analog, but it’s also an excellent access to excising your thoughts. There’s plenty of drips in the up-and-down climax arena, but it’s nice to think that Karmelloz is challenging your thoughts, then breaking speed, pumping blood, and then lingering in a corner.

When I typically see people huddling in the crevasses of the street, initially am taken off-guard by the unusual act of it, but now that I think about it, these people are actually brilliant. Thus, Karmelloz’s Source Localization CS will be a part of my fiancee and my weekend picnic adventures to people watching spots in the city. We’ll totally bring MORE cassettes — especially Sarah’s Rocks and M30 — but Source Localization will definitely settle itself while we’re in the city light: off that tilted church by Penn Station or a Time Square metal table or around Pier 11 or maybe even uptown around the West Side highway. You can experience Source Localization for yourself below, but I imagine this ain’t Karmelloz’s last tape, so grip it quick!

• Karmelloz: https://soundcloud.com/karmelloz
• 1080p Collection: http://1080pcollection.net

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