♫♪  Katrina Stonehart - “A4”

Following up the previously premiered “A2,” Fire Talk Records has let loose “A4” — a barrage of power electronics pulsing behind sputtering growls from guest vocalist, The Predator. Dude’s got a feel for this kind of music. Perhaps it’s the other-worldly nature of the more harsh-leaning output of Ms. Stonehart which summons the creature to the surface of our planet. I mean, “A2” eventually transfigured itself into a pop song, whereas “A4” moves quite in the opposite direction. The familiar is folded into something alien. It’s what Katrina Stonehart’s Drew Gibson does, skating that line between structure and chaos, where familiarity is deconstructed into its nearly unrecognizable parts, and vice versa.

The curious part is that we don’t yet get to hear “A3,” so we can’t see the whole picture. No clear-cut image of the energy transferal between parts that resulted in “A4,” like cells which never formed the Nodes of Ranvier (not the hardcore band). And you can tell from listening to these embeds that these are more like movements than songs, each one morphing into what follows to create something whole, rather than a collection of separate objects at rest, suggesting their own individual measures of kinetic energy. So, what happened to result in the ensuing chaos of “A4?” Pre-order the Katrina Stonehart LP from Fire Talk Records, and find out on November 4.

Additionally, if you happen to be a European citizen of this Earth, you can catch Katrina Stonehart on a short tour, prior to the album’s release, and see the whole scientific process unfold right before your eyes. Dates below:

10.09.14 - Berlin, Germany - Madame Claude
10.10.14 - Chemnitz, Germany - Odradek
10.11.14 - Antwerp, Belgium - De Audio Plant
10.13.14 - Kassel, Germany - Weinbergkrug
10.16.14 - Paris, France - Espace B
10.17.14 - Grenoble, France - Bauhaus Bar
10.18.14 - Lyon, France - Kraspek Myzik

• Katrina Stonehart: https://katrinastonehart.bandcamp.com
• Fire Talk Records: http://firetalkrecs.com

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