♫♪  Kevin Carey - “Full Health”

Chicago based producer Kevin Carey’s LP Water Memory drops this month and TMT is honored to premiere “Full Health,” an elemental and technological landscape that gives an ethereal ambience and a pronounced rhythm simultaneously. “Full Health” starts out both electric and watery, foreshadowing impending danger while still providing an utter sense of calm, like swimming past an electric eel in the depths of the ocean. It’s not until after the first minute that grime-like rhythms begin to interrupt, never taking over but offering a grounding for the dreamier sounds. It’s also the moment where we begin to hear sounds more associated with a household electricity than a natural electricity (eels, lightning, etc.), including beeps that instantly take us back to the world of video games (Perhaps the inspiration for the title?). Carey produces confidently as if his HP bar is always full, but the production never feels cocky. He is still hyper aware of every danger lurking around the corner. “Full Health,” and the whole LP Water Memory “dissect nostalgia,” treating it as an “anxiety [rather than as] “sweet sentiment,” envisioning how memory can be trauma, desire, and blank space, rather than fondly looking through a photo album. This memory feels both personal and universal, as if Carey is looking back on his own memories as a microcosm for the history of the universe. Even tools like laptops are still made up of the same base elements as what existed at the time of the Big Bang. Look out for Water Memory via Zoology Records when it drops October 22nd.

• Kevin Carey: https://soundcloud.com/kevinkevincarey
• Zoology Records: https://soundcloud.com/zoology-records

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