♫♪  Kikagaku Moyo - “Smoke And Mirrors”

Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records stays true to their name in seeking far and wide to find the heaviest retro-psyche jammers in today’s modern music world. Earlier this year with New Electric Ride, followed it with Jeffertitti’s Nile, and now is killing it with Kikagaku Moyo. And WHOA is the their newest sizzler “Smoke And Mirrors,” a perfect Wednesday morning, post-Earth Day, grapple fest of riffs, lingerers, shedding, and trailing vocals. The magic is real, but it’s beyond-beyond that, of course. It’s more like believing in what you’re seeing, lounging in a room full of pillows and people, billowing clouds and mirrored walls, and the acoustics are incredible. Maybe the clarity of everything being heard in wonderfully vast distortion of mental imagery is what takes flight so prominently in Kikagaku Moyo’s “Smoke And Mirrors.”

Kaleidoscope eyes dilate upon your pupils and nothing becomes the norm again. Trails forever from once they came and then watching them as they go. Beings as ethereal artifacts. If “Smoke And Mirrors” doesn’t give you the harshest of chilled out vibes, then well, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records still has something for you. But Kikagaku Moyo nearly guarantees pleasure. Shoot, the language is in the instruments. It speaks on a stereo level. Pop it off around 10. The neighbors will only be banging on the walls/ceiling to ask where they can get a copy. You know where to send em too, “Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records, it’s the new Kikagaku Moyo album Forest of Lost Children, and it’s out May 20.”

ALSO! These Tokyo-base fools are going on an American tour starting FRIDAY!
4/25 - The Echo - Los Angeles, CA (Desert Daze Pre Party w/ Beach Party, Kiki Pau, Cherry Glazerr)
4/26 - Desert Daze Festival - Mecca, CA
4/27 - Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco, CA
4/28 - Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR (w/ Eternal Tapestry, Moon Duo)
4/29 - Barboza - Seattle, WA (w/ Moon Duo, Fungal Abyss)
5/02 - RHINOCEROPOLIS - Denver, CO (w/ The Blue Riders, Titjuana)
5/04 - Austin Psych Fest @ Carson Creek Ranch - Austin, TX
5/06 - Plush - Tucson, AZ (w/ The Myrrors)
5/07 - Trunk Space - Phoenix, AZ (w/ The Myrrors)
5/08 - Soda Bar - San Diego, CA
5/10 - Bootleg Theatre - Los Angeles, CA (LA Psych Fest)

• Kikagaku Moyo: http://kikagakumoyo.tumblr.com
• Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records: http://beyondbeyondisbeyond.com

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