♫♪  Lanuk - “II”

Árpád Gulyás is a Hungarian SHAPE alumnus who has been making exploratory sounds since his early teenage years. His electronic solo project, Lanuk, was born in the mid-noughties, and his latest release, LI, arrived on Baba Vanga just last month. Listening to the abstract and often raucous LI feels like entering a factory in the future, where synthetic blips turn into harsh screeching as robots weld metal plates together, where laser beams shatter huge iron cubes into pieces, where machines assemble gadgets rhythmically on a conveyor belt.

Below, we premiere some truly spellbinding visuals for “II,” the fifth track off LI. It’s a great sample of the noise Lanuk brings to this tape. The video, created by Daniel Kophelyi, is a fittingly glitchy accompaniment to the track, which develops from a rhythmic passage into a drone-y piece of abstract electronica, equally disconcerting and cathartic in its harshness. Plunge into it below and order the tape via Baba Vanga here, where you can also stream the release in full.

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