♫♪  Lawrence English + Werner Dafeldecker - “Outtake” / “Mapping Peaks”

So this is something unusual, but I love it. I get this e-mail it’s for a premiere of two tracks off the new Lawrence English + Werner Dafeldecker album, Shadow of the Monolith. First of all, it’s an incredible and undeniably bad-ass title. Second, we reviewed English’s Wilderness of Mirrors (TMT Review) earlier this year, and couldn’t pass up another chance at getting lost. Thirdly, we’ve heard Werner Dafeldecker before in a TMT favorite, playing strings (as Ze Pequeno pointed out in our 2011 Fav. 50) on Telebossa (TMT Review). Now where does that leave me? With two tracks — “Outtake” / “Mapping Peaks” — off Shadow of the Monolith to premiere, but can’t seem to find my way back out, audibly speaking.

Here’s what unusual about this premiere, though: “Outtake” / “Mapping Peaks” are both the last tracks on each side of the new Lawrence English + Werner Dafeldecker. But it gets MORE mysterious as you find out that the SoundCloud starts out with “Outtake,” the VERY LAST track on Shadow of the Monolith. Begging the question, Why work your way backward? Then I figured that it’s really the only way out, right? Like that string in the woods trick. Yet, the lingering in “Outtake” / “Mapping Peaks” has you looking for the mold of bread to exit, as all the crumbs you’ve used to make it out to this monolith have withered and aged. Is it worth the trip to experience the Shadow of the Monolith? Listen closely to “Outtake” / “Mapping Peaks” streaming below. If you’re feeling what Lawrence English + Werner Dafeldecker are pulsating and extend-stretching your way, snag the Shadow of the Monolith pre-order right now (ALL pre-order include FREE world wide shipping) from Holotype Editions!

• Lawrence English: http://lawrenceenglish.com
• Werner Dafeldecker: http://www.dafeldecker.net
• Holotype Editions: http://www.holotype-editions.com

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