♫♪  Leather Girls - Self Titled

Last time we talked, you were all geeked-out because this new band you just found out about — the fuzzy, rude, Austin-based, psych punk quartet known as Leather Girls — were gearing up to release their debut album on Friday, June 2 via Yippee Ki Yay Records. Remember that?

Remember the tingling, tantalizing feeling of dizzy, nervous excitement you felt as the band’s raucous, supremely funky, satisfyingly “dontgiveafuuuck” singles were being rolled-out one by one in anticipation of the self-titled album’s imminent release?

Remember how, after a while, LEATHER GIRLS were all you could talk about? Remember how it was like June 2 couldn’t come FAST ENOUGH for you and how you were all-about pre-ordering the album on vinyl? And then on CD AND THEN on MP3!? — just so that you could listen to it on your “preferred format” whether you found yourself in chilling in your house, getting high in your roommate’s Honda, or doing one-legged kettlebell deadlifts down at the gym???

Remember how each passing day did nothing to “calm” your anxieties and only made you anticipate the June 2 release of that aforementioned self-titled Leather Girls debut even more feverishly?

And…remember how, now, after all this time, June 2 is only like A DAY AWAY and you’ve finally almost MADE IT???

Um. Well…yeah, sorry, this might be a little awkward for you. Cuz here’s an exclusive full stream of the album.

(YOU can keep masochistically waiting “on principle” if you wanna prove some point to the universe, I guess. But I’m gonna go ahead and listen.)

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