♫♪  LIDS - “Blank Flag”

Personally, I trust music that doesn’t beat around the bush. Sure we just awarded John Wiese the honorable Eureka status here on Tiny Mix Tapes, but when I was about four minutes deep into the first track of Deviate From Balance, my thoughts were, “This track entitled, ‘Just Warming Up?’” (joke stolen for Choco golden vet Sammy D-Bling, propz). LIDS gets RIGHT INTO the muck with “Blank Flag.” And sure the track sounds like other musicians and it’s nothing progressive, but my mind cannot stop moving to this track, and it’s also so familiar to stuff I love on Not Not Fun that it’s too undeniable for me to dislike.

Immediately, the beat intros against vocals echoing out, so unitimidating until the beat tunnels into your cleft mind’s vision that it peels away layers so subtly building that not until the singer shouts out, you don’t realize you’re in the thick of “Blank Flag.” And I suppose the title insinuates surrender, right? Considering there is nothing adorning LIDS’ flag. But the rhythm relentlessly sears into the listeners third-eye like a brand drawn from the embers that feels like an icy-hot patch against the deepest recesses of the brain.

Telephone Explosion Records gripped up “Blank Flag” zones by LIDS on 7-inches. Scope below:

• Telephone Explosion Records: http://www.telephoneexplosion.com

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