♫♪  Lieven Martens - Idylls [visual tour]


Lieven Martens, stranded. Could you imagine? Imagine a man enamored by sounds of life: both Earth and natural life. And Lieven is stranded on an island the size of Belgium. All types of new animal, bug, reptilian, bird, and water-life species, all making noises that can only be conjured upon Pacificity Soundvisions. Only human objects he has are batteries and a keyboard with amplified speaker-sound.


So Lieven Martens sits by the shore on some driftwood, listening to it slosh against the rocks as a school of crustaceans whistle a mighty new tune. Up on a brand with crickets crooning an undiscovered melody and birds cawing a harmony unheard by by intellectual ears. Weaves of wind and water textualizing an atmosphere of pure desertion. Desertion in a purely natural state of aesthetic appreciation of awe. An island of improv. A slice of land explored and developed in sound, live for the taking. With or without spirit, Idylls is the soul, alive with Soundvisions:


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