♫♪  LIGHTWASH - “Thunder”

Photo: Anna Kerr

Sometimes you just gotta cut to the chase and say “this sounds good.” Which is what we’re gonna go ahead and do with “Thunder,” the lead single on the *imminent* Half Hung EP from Ohio’s own LIGHTWASH (all caps!).

What kind of “good” does it sound like, though? Like “more oatmeal than you planned on making” good, “plastic wrap on the windows in winter time” good, “hauling a great (bed bug free) Persian rug from your neighbor’s garbage” good. Well-worn and cozy, that warm indoor shit. The tambourines and fake-Bay Area guitar lines kinda make us wish this had dropped in the summer for maximum road trip use, but, whatever — draw some dandelions on the kitchen wall with your best bud and groove, baby.

Half Hung drops February 2 from Broken Circles.

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