Right now, life is happening. It’s not today or tomorrow, but immediate. Time is a fraction of what it looks like while just watching the nature rustle by. And then I rise on a platform. So it’s like an innovative technology Power Point come to IRL. Like the reign of good essence in a USB sea shell. Are you going to answer that? Because stretching your audible horizons have only just been a squint away. That mall is no more a museum to nature. One day it’ll out pour with vegetation. The future is of photosynthetics. Your just a breed. A pair of ears. Would you like to know more? For just a one-time charge of $8, LOCATION SERVICES will provide you with MUSIC FOR QUIET ROOMS. Spilled a little Beer on the Rug? No no, that comes with the place. That modern feel. An environment structured with finesse and precision. This moment, you are the surgeon. Cut:

Chocolate Grinder

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