♫♪  Lonna Kelley - “Will I See You”

“It is … hard to believe that these songs haven’t always been around.”

From across a room or across time, “Will I See You” hovers like a spirit, a universal truth, a relic. It is the sound of longing and sadness, its visuals the equivalent of memories you unearth in dusty cardboard boxes in your attic.

Indeed, “Will I See You” finds its inspiration in the beginning footage of a home-camcordered sci-fi film of indeterminate plot, its cast composed of Lonna Kelley herself and her late partner. The images originated in 2010.

The music is always here. Maybe the music actually has always been here.

“Will I See You” comes from the forthcoming 7-inch of the same name on Moone Records, backed with “Time Waits for No One.” Its hazy strains emerge straight from the Julee Cruise school of misted-over Twin Peaks half-memories. Kelley’s memories are especially long, seen lengthening here like shadows over a house or fog over a pond. They weigh heavily on “Will I See You,” and they grow denser and denser the further in you find yourself.

They bend. They break. They rush in, overwhelming, with yearning and uncertainty.

“Will I See You”? I always see you. Everywhere I go.

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