♫♪  Lord Bendtner - “Carefully”

Listening to “Carefully,” the latest release from artist Lord Bendtner on cassette through Z Tapes, is reminiscent of spending a brisk January afternoon staring out the window watching cold rain falling from billowy grey clouds; a feeling of wistful comfort and new hope. The soft melodies accented by crisp notes call to mind the unique comfort found on a dreary winter day; a blanket of contentment wrapping around you; a sense of solace in the dismal solitude of the day. The soft ebb and flow of the song falls as gently as the first rains of a new year, bringing with them promise of new beginnings and new chances.

“Carefully” defines the tone of the tape, offering carefully crafted composition that curates an atmosphere of dreamy pensiveness punctuated by moments of blissful euphony. Take a listen for yourself to “Carefully” by Lord Bendtner. The album in its entirety is available on limited run tape from Slovakian label, Z Tapes.

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