Lutto Lento
“It’s A Horror And It’s A Wonder”

Literally, the newest Lutto Lento track “It’s A Horror And It’s A Wonder” is equally frightening and marvelous. It’s dingy with tings of paradise and city-scapes. Acoustic percussion interrupted by busses honking and people falling/yelling/crying-out. A low-end that ambients a foundation that tends to skitter everything but it’s three-note scaling. Combinations coming together and splitting apart in shards. Metaphorically shattering glass sounds that reflect back upon the collection of sounds mirroring each other like a world of danger and discovery.

Where To Now? Records is dropping Lutto Lento’s new vinyl, Dark Secret World on May 26. “It’s A Horror And It’s A Wonder” below is THE freshest piece of mystery, below:

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