♫♪  Macula Dog - “Lawnmower”

Towards the billows and puffs, ahead of the train whistle. The circus is on its way into town to stay.

Way back, the truck follows behind, with a big tent top tarp stretched across its flatbed. The red and yellow stripes run off the edges. Who else but the magician crawls back there over the tarp and saws through its funny bone, leading to a shortage in red and yellow. The remainder is rendered into buttercream.

Tonight, thanks to the shortage, the clown will wear a green nose, not a red nose. The elephant will not have a yellow tapestry or tassels. Glue will help. Some of the spectators will protest — that’s not what the poster said — demanding a refund.

The ringmaster chases ‘em around. Ladies and gentleman…refund? REFUND? Isn’t deception a part of the show? Isn’t deception what you paid for? Don’t you LIKE to leave wanting more? To come up dry, shy of climax? The ringmaster is giving no refunds out tonight.

A word from the sponsor plastered on the video megascreen: It’s called the “Lawnmower,” you jerks, and it cuts everything down to size.

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